VPG Transducers

Vi säljer lastceller från VPG Transducers!

VPG Transducers is an internationally recognized designer, manufacturer and marketer of resistive foil technology, sensors, and sensor-based systems to niche, industrial applications. VPG products, systems and solutions are marketed under a variety of brand names that have a very high level of precision and quality. Their vision is to be the leading provider of foil components, sensors, and sensor-based systems with the highest precision, quality, and service for measuring force (weight, pressure, torque, acceleration) and current. 

The precision sensor market is influenced by the significant increase in intelligent products across many end markets, including medical, agricultural, transportation, industrial, avionics, military, and space applications. As products become “smarter,” VPG will be there to provide solutions that link the mechanical world with digital control and response. Performance through precision. It’s in the DNA.

Vi presenterar här endast ett urval av lastceller från  VPG Transducers, som Tedea-Huntleigh, Sensortronics, Revere och Celtron. Hör gärna av dig till oss om du har frågor så hjälper vi dig gärna att välja rätt lastcell för din applikation.